The New Vineyard Public Library Association was formed in 1961 and has resided in several places through out  the town. The current location was the result of a generous donation by Judith Johnson, and the building was completed in 1991 with community support. During 2012-2013 an extension was made to the building, and a new Library and Community Room were dedicated on August 2, 2014.

 The mission of this Association is to maintain a free public library in the Town of New Vineyard. We endeavor to provide a wide variety of books and cultural programs for all ages and to offer access to information in a variety of formats.

 The Library provides the community with programs for children and adults. Besides fiction, biographies and non-fiction, we have an extensive collection of  books about New Vineyard and Maine. The facility provides access to computers for internet browsing and printing. Our lightning-fast fiber network is available from the parking lot 24/7.

 Our Librarian is Mina Miller.

 Current Trustees of the New Vineyard Public Library Association

 President:                 Suzee Woods

 Vice President:         Judy Uhl

 Secretary:                 Judy Uhl

 Treasurer:                 David Bliss

 Trustees:                  Becky Sweeney, Betsy Turcotte, Robert and Lee Rutigliano, Ann Wattles, Barbara Toner

Our New Vineyard Public Library Handbook provides information about the Library programs, the hours of operation, policies and procedures,  including how to reserve our Community Room for an event.