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posted Nov 23, 2016, 9:16 AM by New Vineyard Public Library

     This morning was chilly. As I pulled into the parking lot I had a brief thought about how the area around the library has changed already. When I first began there were green leaves on the trees. The park area was shaded. Now the leaves have fallen. Richard Hargreaves is outside mulching the leaves and cleaning the flower beds today. My son, Evan, is his trusty assistant.  I can see the hills that protect the little down town of New Vineyard from my desk. The time sure does pass. Soon there will be snow.
     I am settling into my role as your town librarian. New books are coming into the library. This is an exciting part of the job. It is fun to pick titles for you that I think you want to read. I am always open to suggestions. I feel this is your library and should reflect what you desire to read, as well as expanding the communities reading horizons. Together we make a library that people want to use.  I am learning new things about the administration of a library, it's challenges, it potential. All of this is new terrain my feet feel firmly placed on.
    Which leads me to the holiday we will share tomorrow. Thanksgiving is such a great holiday. It gives us time to reflect about what really matters in life and allows us to take a moment to appreciate those things. With this is in mind, I would like to share some things that I am grateful for. I am grateful for the diversity of ideas that make use of our library. We may not read the same things, some people read Bill O'Reilly, others read David Brooks, and still others just prefer a good romance but in the end we all gather under this roof to make use of what it has to offer. I am grateful for this shy little 4 year old that comes to story time every week. He is a true lover of books and has opened up to me over the last month, making story time a moment I look forward to each week.I am grateful to the readers of New Vineyard who share what they like to read, make requests, and discuss with me what they have just read. It really is a wonderful to share with you this love of reading. Finally, I am grateful for the committed board of trustees of the library. They have made me feel welcomed and supported as the library has managed the transitions over the last year.

Happy Thanksgiving,


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